It’s the week of reflecting.  We have been blessed by not only so many wonderful clients to photograph but also special cinema clients that we are able to revisit their laughs, smiles, tears, and vows. We can sense the feeling of fun in the dancing and joy of getting ready.  It was a magnificent year full of couples who pushed the bar a little more than ever before!
One thing we love most about wedding highlight films is that each one is so unique because our couples are so unique. Every wedding is different in its own beautiful way. It’s moments like these where we step back and look at the year that we are reminded of the precious ways our couples and their families & friends express their love for each other. Whether it’s personal vows exchanged at the ceremony or a special speech from the father of the bride at the reception there are so many ways a wedding day can become its own personalized representation of your love for each other and your family. It’s such a sweet chance to tell those around you just how much you love them so be sure to take the time to do that!
So we challenge our 2019 couples to make your wedding day your own!  Be sappy! Be sentimental! Be extra! Be goofy! Be yourself! Say things you never would normally say in public!  Tell him just why he’s the perfect one! And you will have the BEST DAY EVER!